Thursday, 29 August 2013

Voices of Sustainability Experts around the world

This week we present a selection of sustainability initiatives by countries, individuals and corporates that impressed the Sustainability Experts enough that they tweeted about it.  We hope that these stories inspire many others to do the same as only collective actions can save the world from the effects of Climate Change and Global Warming.

 Bill McKibben : Germany stands number 1 in solar power generation. It expects to receive 80% of its energy from renewable resources by 2050. here  

 Simon Mainwaring : Employees at the semiconductor chip maker Intel recently devised a new process that reduced the company’s chemical waste by 900,000 gallons each year, saving $45 million annually. Another team developed a plan to reuse and optimize networking systems in offices, which cut energy costs by $22

Simon Mainwaring : Solar Panels being installed in White 

Adam Werbach : 15 companies, representing 70% of global farmed production, are committing that 100% of their production will be certified by the Aquaculture Stewardship Council by 2020 .here

Adam Werbach  :   Sustainability and communications, now and soon. here   
John Friedman  : Sustainability and communications, now and soon. here

Alice Korngold : Sierra Energy, has spent the last several years testing a waste-to-energy system called the FastOx Pathfinder. The FastOx is now being prepared for delivery to Sierra Energy’s first customer: the United States Army. here

Neil Hawkins China to spend huge amounts to fight air pollution. It is twice the size of the annual defence budget. here

 Julie Urlaub : People jumping to light up the christmas tree. here

 Julie Urlaub : Arizona State University (ASU) not only teaches sustainable business but  practices it    also. here

 Julie Urlaub Recycle Force, a company that recycles electronic waste and also help people coming out o prison to transition back to the society. here

Julie Urlaub Useful tips to reduce garbage at home. here

Sunita Narain : Kerala High Court, July 25, ordered the demolition of all 59 villas in well-known chain of luxury resorts on an island in the backwater of Kerala within three months due to violation of various norms and laws. here

Reach Scale More and more offices are converting their terrace to a roof garden and a bee sanctuary. This not only has huge environmental benefits but also provide a good place for a quick break for the employees, and to entertainment

Neil Hawkins DOW gives electric car to its employees to commute within the work site. here

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