Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Voices of Sustainability Experts from all over the world

Welcome to a new blog series. The blog will highlight the latest trends in the tweets of the world's leading Sustainability Thinkers.  An overview of the tweets and a few links that can be explored is what you will find in this blog series.
Today we start with voices of few Sustainability thinkers in America, which are listed in the “Twitter list: 30 most influential sustainability voices in America”

Earlier the term Climate Change or Global Warming were used in a generic manner, but as the effects of Climate Change are now showing up, more and more people are tweeting about the rising temperatures.

Here are a few interesting tweets on rising temperatures and reduced /unseasonal rainfall

  • The temperature in Austria cross the 40ºC breaking the record as of 39.7° (103.4°F) in 1983.
  • Europe has seen the hottest month – this July, since 2006
  • Temperatures in Canada --- about ten degrees above normal.
  • Exceptional heat is giving birth to wildfires in northern Canada and even in Alaska.
  •  China has seen its worst heat wave in at least 140 years.
  • People in New Mexico are experiencing the effects of climate change. Almost 87% of the region is in a drought. The effects of drought are very severe.
  • Extreme heat and lack of rainfall is killing thousands of Salmon in Alaska. 
  • The early arrival of rains and the above –average temperature in Southeast Asia has created an environment suitable for mosquito breeding leading to an outbreak of Dengue fever.
                                                     Other Interesting Tweets
  • Socially aware Consumers:    Around 50% of global consumers are willing to pay more for socially responsible products, especially in the younger generation.
  • Collaborative partnerships to halt Climate ChangeAt the recent Sustainable Brands conference, one message was given time and again that individual corporate sustainability efforts aren’t enough to halt climate change. A collaborative partnership — even between competitors is the way to go.
  • Art from Debris: Pam Longobardi, a professor at Georgia State University, uses marine debris to create works of art. The Plastic-collecting artist won a prestigious award
  • Battle over pumping  water during droughts: The Ontario's Ministry of the Environment gave Nestlé a new five-year term, but added two new conditions that meant the company would have to reduce its take of water during droughts. These conditions were removed later. The environmental groups launched an appeal to force the Ministry and the food giant Nestlé to stick to the conditions. The battle over pumping water during droughts is heading to a full environmental hearing in Ontario.

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