Thursday, 12 September 2013

Back to basics - sustainability and its practice, Questions answered.

Back 2 Basics 

What is sustainability?

the intersection of finding social benefit, the practice of environmental conservation with focus on economic benefit is the definition of sustainability. The governance of the above is the practice of sustainability.

How does one govern sustainability?
By managing the influence of the 5 elements, air, earth, water, fire and ether and their assignment to tangible factors are.
  1. Fire - Managing fire means managing energy by way of controlling input and consumption;
  2. Water - Managing water is managing the water by way of controlling source, consumption and discharge;
  3. Earth - Managing earth is managing waste by way of adapting process that reduce the generation of waste all through cradle to grave;
  4. Air - Managing air is managing pollution;
  5. Ether - Managing ether is adapting a appropriate communication strategy to increase overall sustainability awareness.  
What are the various functions that gain advantage due to the use of sustainability?
  • policy for/ or corporate affairs
  • Vision is accomplished for corporate affairs/ CEO's office
  • Brand gets a new attribute for marketing
  • Social benefit is delivered for csr
  • Money saved and earned
  • Environment is conserved
What are the various consulting services within sustainability?
  • evaluation of the compliance needs and an environmental law audit.
  • Defining a sustainability strategy and vision
  • Creation of a corporate sustainability policy
  • Audit for Leed certification and other ecolabeling services
  • Energy audit, modelling and management
  • Waste audit, modelling and management
  • Carbon audit, modelling and management by way of carbon foot printing and life cycle analysis etc
  • Water audit, modelling and management
  • Stakeholder communication strategy and management, training etc

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