Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Beware people that practice sustainability in corporates, your masters need a fall guy.

Beware people, your masters need a fall guy. 
12th september 2013

Adani power recently got fined $40 Million for flouting environmental regulations at their Mundra thermal power plant. This did not come out of the blue from the MoEF is the rule making, governing and the fining body. They have been waving rules at Adani both as a warning from its inception. I was unfortunate to experience the wrath of this project from its inception as I was volunteering with a NGO which is located amidst the Adani and TATA plant. This NGO did not come to existence after these projects but had been there before the licenses were given out and isolated as these companies that negotiated together did not want to pay the rightful price that the NGO requested. One can make many strange inferences and these get sinister as the election year closes in. How did TATA’s plant that shares many services with Adani not get fined. Is the MoEF being partisan and sending a message to the Modi campaign?. The PMO meanwhile has ordered the MoEF to start doling out licenses that are withheld for abstract reasons like environment so that our fledgling economy will get a boost. Just in time for the elections? The Hon. Minister at the MoEF has in many interviews alluded that the primary challenge that she faces is that of lack of funds to monitor the rules and regulations that the corporates pretend to follow and pretend to implement. The argument she pushed was in the direction that the MOEF is losing the battle with PMO and her ministry will have to start the dole fest. The dole fest, just in time for the elections? Meanwhile, the Vedanta story is creating white noise like a good natured diversion and the respected DTE has increased its decibel on the story of limited governance and broke a cover story on LAVASA raising questions primarily in the corridor of continuing governance seeking to create a platform of doubt and to question. The need for election funds and corporate support cannot be understated and I am afraid all the noise we hear is meant to be misunderstood as justice when they are mere warnings meant to tame, meanwhile the sensitive and righteous share holder needs a fall guy. The bargaining chip is out Dear, Vedanta, SesaGoa, TATA, Adani, LAVASA and the many other miners and developers. Your masters are your curse and boon.

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