Monday, 21 October 2013

Some Interesting Tweets by Sustainability Experts

1. Net metering—an emerging idea to encourage people to start using renewable energy.

This great concept does have some teething problems between renewable power generating customers and the utility companies (tweeted by Bill McKibben)

2. A Massachusetts coal fired electricity production plant is closing down. One of the reasons stated is the surplus natural gas. Great news!!!!! (tweeted by Bill McKibben)

3. The current fossil fuel divestment campaign is spreading in US and Europe. It is persuading investors to disinvest from fossil fuel sector. (tweeted by Bill McKibben)

4. Sustainability Trends Are Driving Commercial Real Estate Value. (tweeted by Simon Mainwaring )

5. A small town in the southeast of Austria generates renewable energies by pioneering technology. The process uses steam to separate carbon and hydrogen from scrap timber. The molecules are then recombined to make a form of natural gas. (tweeted by Gil Friend )

6. Lack of water affects energy generation. Enormous amounts of water are required to cool the steam created during generation of electricity in a thermoelectric plants.(tweeted by Neil Hawkins)

7. IPCC report shows states that it is very critical to work towards climate change and Global warming. Report also shows that by addressing the problem we can create opportunities. (tweeted by David Suzuki)

8. Chevrolet, GMC and few others to come up with bi-fuel versions of vehicles in near future. (tweeted by Julie Urlaub)

9. The Investment Carbon Screener in the Bloomberg Terminal calculates the carbon footprint of equity investments. (tweeted by Gil Friend )

10. Cities those are moving towards urban sustainability. (tweeted by Alice Korngold)

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