Tuesday, 12 November 2013

How and Why Monsanto is spinning the Climate Corporations founder David Friedberg

Goliath gobbles David and David suffers from the Stockholm syndrome.
author - Mo Polamar

Monsanto's billion dollar purchase of the Climate Corporation met with much criticism and accusation. In an effort to appease his employees, David wrote a letter explaining the purchase and quell suspicion. But David Friedberg of Climate Corporation did not write this letter published by the Newyorker. Why?

This letter is written by an expert at spin. This person is obviously the best in the business and that is why it is brazenly self evident. I am aware that by writing this I am a victim to the strategy where the issue in question will take a back seat and the mode of communication is intended to divert us. Below is an analysis of the letter that Mr. Friedberg wrote to his staff.

This is a polarizing word that was first used by the Jr. Bush campaign to decisive effect. In using this word multiple times the reader is supposed to experience a certain disdain leading to gradual loss of association of the word to the topic in discussion called Monsanto.

Why Google:
The rest of us that survived this “Evil” onslaught were reminded of Google’s vision statement and thereby side tracking our rational faculty. I witnessed by mind entangled about Google’s nature of business which is far away from the reason I started reading this article.

Why was the sale worth Billion or is it important to understand the value? Again! the intention is to spin you and keep you in the world of disbelief with a simple word, “Billion”!

What must it be worth for Monsanto:
A Billion is just a number to Monsanto in the business of dominance of global agri produce but for Climate Corporation it is a number that is so vast that I am afraid to even get into the mind of the Mr. Friedberg. Monsanto gets 2 birds here with the accounting error of a Billion dollars. one, it picks up a respected climate research organisation and the scientists that come with it and two, it is a strategic investment to make if one has a vision and we know Monsanto has one hell of a vision.

“Dear David, I wish I was your Dad”
I wish David blogged the research and the reasoning that his quasi hippie father bought into. I wonder why the mother has no role to play. The theme of making ones father happy is a eastern one and for David to adapt that line is certainly un american and forced. The assumption that I would like to come to is that there are many peers of his dad in Climate corporation that David wants to retain by placing an emotional and personal argument. It is deliberately indirect for it leads one to a space of reflection and in this space of reflection and imagination a few danglers in form of millions of dollars will hang loose like candy. I wonder why everyone of us must research and find the truth when David can simply communicate it. Instead of this long winding missive he could have replaced them with facts that he found comfort it and rationale that he invented to accept the Billion.
As said earlier he did not write this letter.

This purchase of an angel by Satan (I use this loosely) is one that can have biblical proportions embedded in it. Is satan tired of his demonic ways and wants to change and so buys an Angel, perhaps. Or is satan sending a message that the exodus from the angel world is begun. This exchange of demons to the angel world and vice versa is a perpetual occurrence. As far as I am concerned, since David took a convoluted path to explain a decision I will conclude that either he is got something to hide or he is in sway to the wonderful delusion that money creates. Either way, I do not want to be in David’s place. I will defer my appointment with satan till he chooses to make one, with me.

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