Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Sustainability and conflicting Human Personality Traits

Sustainable living is the need of this present hour, one can see it as like a young person needing a walking stick at a weak moment in his life.

There are many reasons to aspire a sustainable life. Life style, ironically is one such reason for people who believe it is cool to be sustainable of which there are many, It may be a  form of Art, or revolt for some,  and for many a necessity while building a profession. other reasons, which are in relation to nature, philosophy, morals, ethics, preservation, love and compassion and I will acknowledge them as an internal effervescence.

Of the three reasons stated in the first group, the need to build a profession is an important one - for only a professional will begin the journey of realization, of which Thinking, Designing, Producing, Selling and finally Using are important milestones.

Human Personality traits which is widely agreed by psychologists, can be measured along five dimensions: extroversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, neuroticism, openness to experience. These five dimensions and its varying degree of exertion at various hours influence thought itself. Since Earth is a collection of humans, these five archetypical dimensions can be applied to the world to measure its  view and attitude of Sustainable living.

Some like Al Gore, Leonardo DiCaprio carry  extroversion and agreeableness traits. Others bear neuroticism and conscientiousness like David Suzuki,  Bill Mckibben. Traits such as agreeableness and openness to experience exert themselves on my own personality.

I, as a professional, practicing Sustainability feel the need of the hour is agreeableness, openness and conscientiousness.

I will be spending the next week thinking of the dimension I need to exert, conscientiousness.

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