Sunday, 28 July 2013

Need OR Want? : CARS

Few weeks ago, I came across an interesting article by the Daily Beast titled 
Young Americans are Abandoning Car Ownership and Driving” which truly opened my eyes. It was fascinating to know that a previously gas-guzzling, developed country, with access to the world’s finest cars, has its youth opting NOT to apply for a driving license let alone buying a car!

Apparently, back in 1983 nearly 80% of 18-year olds applied for their driving license but in 2010 the number fell to 61%. The primary reasons for this change obviously stems out of the fact that living expenses in most american cities are high. Between paying hefty rents and attempting to save for the future, there is not much left to invest in this mode of transport.

This made me realise that the same could happen in OUR country. In India. Among our college students and young working men and women. With the existing cheap local transport options to get around the city like buses, auto rickshaws. Local trains and even the new metro trains set-up in most of the big cities, make this even easier.

Let us not forget that parking stops in ANY city now are hard to find. Most of us think twice before getting out on the town on weekends for the same reason. Servicing these metal beasts can leave you with a deep gaping hole in your pockets too! Many of us don’t even enjoy driving anymore, admit it you do too! I know I do!

Although in many cases it may be convenient but does anyone really want to go through the stress of owning a car? What about finding a safe place to park it when you are out of town! Now with so many safe options, services like meru , taxiforsure, easycabs, bangalore city taxi and uber
3. rented car dealers -  carzonrent, avis and zoom car
Why not just pick up the phone and call when you need one?

During the week, companies offer bus and cab services to pick up and drop their employees which proves to be very convenient for many. With restaurants and super markets being in every neighbourhood and with some even providing delivery services.
Banks and courier services providing free drop-in and pick up services for customers, one wouldn't need to go too far to fulfill their daily, weekly or even monthly needs. Even malls and movie theaters are now found around every nook and corner!
So, now do you really need to buy that car?

I feel many young people today just don’t need a car. Comments?


  1. Hi! thanks for sharing the portals that car pool. I also feel banks must allow joint ownership with so called non-family members. For example, I buy a farm and I need a car every fortnight to carry plants and what not. Rentals is expensive and cumbersome but I do not need it beyond go beyond car pooling but not as far as ownership.....It must is not about money or environment but about convenience, thanks

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